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Truck Shop Fabrication

Below are some of the most common fabrication services that Scrappy's Auto Service offers.  However, we are not limited to just these areas.  Some of our most recent fabrications can be viewed in the gallery or on our Facebook page.  If you have a fabrication need that you do not see listed below, just give us a call to find out if Scrappy's can offer the type of fabrication that you require.



Shorten or Lengthen Wheelbase

Modify Wiring, Air Hoses, Brake Lines

Shorten or Lengthen Driveshafts


van body.jpg
Body Swaps
 Install Van Body, Reefer Body, Flatbed Body & Dump Body
Secure Body to Chassis
Run Necessary Wiring


Chipper & Dump Body Repairs/Replacements

In need of a dump body or even a chipper top for your body?  Here at Scrappy's, we can provide both to help your business keep running smooth, or just keep your truck looking in perfect shape to attract customers!


Rust Repairs

Whether it be rust on your body or frame, we have the ability to repair, or replace, the faulty areas to make your vehicle safe and looking great!


Lift Gate & Hydraulic Repairs

Lift Gate Repairs & Installation

Cylinder Repairs/Replacement

Hydraulic Line Repair/Replacement

Hydraulic Tank Repair/Replacement

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