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Truck Repair

Scrappy's Auto Service's Truck Shop has the skills necessary to tackle a multitude of different issues on various brands of trucks.  We can handle whatever make or model truck you may have!  Some of the popular services are listed below.


PA State & Federal DOT Inspection


Engine, Exhaust, and Drive-Line Diagnostics & Repairs

​OBD Scan for Most Trucks

ABS Scan Services


Preventative Maintenance Service

​Lube, Oil, Filters

Winterize Fuel & Air Systems

Service Batteries & Test Charging System


Brake Repairs

Brake Caliper Repair/Replacement

Brake Pads/Shoes Replacement

Rotor & Drum Replacement

E-Brake Components Repair


Tire Repairs

Tire Replacement

Balance Tires

All Wheel Alignments

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